YTconverter.org1. Your Agreement

If you wish benefiting the services that our site, YTconverter.org, provides then you will automatically consent to our own terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement. They apply to all users and visitors on our site. If you find anything that does not resonate with what you can agree upon then you must leave this site immediately and above that must not use the services
provided here.


2. The URL’s

This website it is not responsible of any link that belongs to a third party. YTconverter.org does not control the links used on its platform and also does not own them and therefore refuses any responsibility of any kind towards them. Being unable to censor such third parties we will not be liable for anything these persons decide to do by using this website as a tool in achieving their purposes. If you will use the services of this site then you will make yourself responsible of anything that may arise from your activity. We also must specify that since we are not responsible for the links we are also not responsible for hosting any materials whatsoever. This is done entirely by a third party and all responsibility will befall upon it because of this.


3. Regarding the accessing of YTconverter.org

We offer you full permission on accessing our services only under the following conditions:

(i) The use of our website must be done only for personal purposes. Under no circumstances you will be allowed to use our services for commercial ones
(ii) Everything you obtain through our services will not be shared or distributed without authorization from our behalf
(iii) You will not engage in spamming practices
(iv) You will not modify our content by adding viruses or other malwares to it
(v) The activity of our site will not be interfered with under no circumstances
(vi) You must comply with everything contained in this Agreement

Everything you do will make you responsible personally while using our services. Again the disruption of our activity by various manners is strictly forbidden and you must agree onto not doing so.
“Spiders” and “robots” and other methods such “offline readers” must be avoided entirely.


4. Property Intellectual Rights

Everything that helps deliver our services on the YTconverter.org is owned and licensed under the ownership of this website. Nothing generated under our logos and tools should be duplicated or altered in any way possible.


5. Content and Copyright Policy

Any copyright content is forbidden into using on our own site. Any material subsequent to such attribute must not be exposing to our services. Such breach of policy must be reported at our email [email protected] and we will make sure that such option will be removed.


6. Trademarks

YTconverter.org name, logo and other materials in relation to its identification belongs to YTconverter.org exclusively. Everything in relation to it on this site it’s considered its property and should be respected as such.


7. Disclaimer of Warranty

Regarding the content of our website and other actions that may result from using its services we will not assume liability under no circumstances and in no amount whatsoever.
Any result in which this site may contribute will not raise responsibility on our part in any form possible. If you are exposed or affected by negative elements while using our website we will hold no responsibility for it.


8. Limitation Of Liability

None of our staff, the owners included, will be held accountable for any negative occurrence that may arise to you. Our staff and we do not intend any harm to befall on our visitors and any activity they may engage on our website will be our visitor’s responsibility solely.


9. Indemnity

If you decide on using our site any consequence that will arise from such action will be bared by you alone. Any indemnification or obligation will be supported by you alone if you decide to engage our services and as a result you will cause any manner of damage directly or indirectly.


10. Ability to Accept Terms and Conditions

If you are under the age of 13 you must leave this platform immediately. If you are under 18 but above the age of 13 you must be accompanied by a guardian. If not you must leave immediately as this platform it is not intended for your use. If you are 18 years old and above then you are welcomed to benefit from our services under the obligations of this agreement.


11. Assignment

These rights and obligations are bestowed upon you once you decided and start using our website. You will not be able to transfer any right or licenses. This befalls strictly to YTconverter.org and to this website alone.


12. General

You agree to everything that was set in here without any distortion or neglection. YTconverter.org reserves its right to amend this set of regulation as it seems fit, anytime and without notice.